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Favorite Foto Friday

Welcome to Starwood Gals’ Favorite Foto Friday where she uses pictures shared by family and friends to entertain the three people who read this blog. Today’s photo – little brother Rusty. Photo provided on FB by my beautiful sister-in-law, Julie – aka Rusty’s Trophy Wife. (it is okay to call her that – she calls herself that). Today I’m demonstrating my skills at matching ‘Celebrity Look-alike’ photos. Tell me if I got this all wrong.

Nope.  I think that’s pretty spot-on.   ‘Merry Christmas, Sh*’r was full!’

Oh – that’s Rusty on the left.


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Favorite ‘Foto’ Friday

Ski Trip 1995 - Daniel Age 6

Ski Trip 1995 - Daniel Age 6

This week’s Favorite ‘Foto’ Friday was taken during the kid’s first ski trip.  We put the kids in ski school the first day while we hit the slopes.  By the time we went to pick them up, Daniel was sound asleep and the instructor said he cried throughout the day because ‘skiing was hard’.  I was sure I’d be spending the rest of our vacation in the condo with Daniel – not skiing.  The second day we took the kids with us as they had learned the basics of how to stop correctly and control their speed.   After about two hours, Daniel was doing just fine.  No more crying and on the third morning while waiting in line for the ski lift I turned around and Daniel wasn’t beside me.  Then I heard “Hey Mom!”  and I looked up and that little stinker was on the lift by himself.  I quickly caught up with him, but needless to say he has loved snow skiing ever since.  I snapped this photo on our way up the Zephyr lift at Crested Butte Ski Resort in Colorado. I do remember we had 4 1/2 feet of snow during that week and had to dig our car out every single morning. Crazy weather!

Jamie and Elaine Crawford, my daughter Emily, Rebecca Crawford, my son Daniel, Aaron Crawford, and me.  (Tim was taking the photo)

Jamie and Elaine Crawford, my daughter Emily, Rebecca Crawford, my son Daniel, Aaron Crawford, and me. (Tim was taking the photo)

We went on that vacation with our friends, the Crawfords. They grew up in the same town my husband grew up in and were a couple of years behind him in school. Funny how they ended up in the same town we lived in, went to the same church, our children were the same ages and became close friends. It was a great trip!

Y’all enjoy the heat wave! I’ll be dreaming of winter snow.🙂


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Silver White Winters….

that continues until late March and early April!

Vail Vacation - 2001

Vail Vacation - 2001

Well – that does it.  I’m going skiing this coming season.  I looked through photos of our ski trips and realized ‘this is really dumb.  I should plan another ski trip.’    And, my baby brother and his family live in Reno – not 30 minutes from Heavenly Ski Resort on Lake Tahoe.  I’ve never skied in Heaven. Well – almost.🙂 (Snow boarder plowed me down at Beaver Creek Resort in 2000.  Nearly took my lower right leg with him. Twirp!)

Okay, now I’m really depressed. Heavenly website said it is 44 degrees there this morning. ARG! Here’s to another sweltering day here in Arkansas. I’ll post a cool refreshing recipe later. Y’all stay cool out there.

Love ya – Starwoodgal

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