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Another Tim Moment

Sunday was another drizzly, gloomy day and rather than stay in the house and pout about it – my husband decided he would make the weekly run to the local Wal-Marts with me.  (rare)  Before we departed for the store, I wanted to get the Sunday dinner roast into the crock pot and Tim cut up some onion and a couple of garlic cloves for me while I browned the roast.  Once the roast was in the crock pot, we grabbed our shopping bags (because we’re so green these days Ha!) and headed out the door. 

I don’t know about you, but my shopping starts on the non-food items side of the store and I finish at the deli and fresh veggie section next the registers on the other side.  Tim is a random wandering shopper so we tend to split things up while shopping.  He grabbed some motor oil and new filter for my car and then went to the beauty section to pick up some shampoo and conditioner.  He was gone an unusual amount of time and when he finally caught up with me I asked, “What took so long”?   He started ranting about the shampoos and conditioners and how stinky they are these days and blah, blah, blah.   I couldn’t imagine anything other than he was sniffing the girly stuff before finding what he wanted.    We finished up our shopping and driving home.  He was still sniffing his fingers and then said “Oh! That’s why!”  and started laughing.  “What?” I asked.   “Well, I couldn’t understand why anyone would make stinky shampoo that smelled like coconut and garlic and now I know.  I was rubbing it on the ends of my fingers to smell it and I had forgotten to wash my hands after cutting up the onions and garlic for the roast”.  

We had a good laugh.  Duh!

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