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Blogger Friend – Colorado Guy

Before I became a blogger, I was a lurker. Reader. Comment leaving BLOG visitor. And, I made some really nice friends ‘out there’. But, the BLOG / Web site I’ve been visiting the longest is Colorado Guy.

If you want to read some very entertaining stories, see some beautiful Colorado scenery, and get to know a little bit more about Steve – you must visit his website. You won’t regret it. Lots of fun. Kind of crazy. And, some of the nicest folks you’ll run into ‘out there’. Or follow Steve on Twitter or Facebook. Colorado Guy. Can’t miss it. He even has a fan club on Facebook.

Now – here’s scoop. Steve is coming to Arkansas to watch the Razorbacks play South Carolina. And, I’m going with him! I’m so thrilled. Steve is coming for a visit! He plans on doing some hiking (duh!), ball game craziness, and then hiking (again) up Mt. Magazine – the highest point in Arkansas. I’m sure we’ll be able to read about it over at Colorado Guy or Altitude Snobs. I’ve met other friends from Colorado in person, but I’ve never met Steve. Oh – we’ve e-mailed and talked on the phone, but now – I get to meet Steve in person. Steve – the New Jersey native transplanted in Coloardo. Steve – the Bike Across America guy. Steve – from all his crazy stories/adventures. Which Steve?

This Steve!

This Steve!

See you in a few weeks, my friend. And, bring a red shirt for the Arkansas game. Go Hogs!

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Little Razorbacks!

We have always been Razorback fans. Can’t help it. We live in Arkansas. Difficult NOT TO BE a Razorback fan – wouldn’t you say?

This year, we have extra-special reason for being HUGE Razorback fans as my in-laws are members of the Mallett family. Mallett as in Ryan Mallett, Arkansas Razorback QB. And, who better to demonstrate the family loyalty than his smallest cousins.

Cecelia and her daddy, Hugh - Saturday Pep Rally

Cecelia and her daddy, Hugh - Saturday Pep Rally


Anderson wearing his Razorback hat.

Anderson wearing his Razorback hat.


Ryan and Cecelia.  What do you want to bet - shell go U of A someday!

Ryan and Cecelia. What do you want to bet - she'll go U of A someday!


Looking forward to a great season.  GO HOGS!

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Recipe: Pork Roast – Crock Pot

We hear the word ‘Pork’ a lot lately in the news.  Pork in the budget, pork n the stimulus packages.  Why – last night I was watching ‘Gone with the  Wind’ for the umpteenth bazillioninth time in my life and realized one of the servants name was Pork.  Seriously?  Pork?  Pork. Pork. Pork. Pork. Pork.  And, I live in Razorback Country.  More Pork!  :)  Speaking of the Razorbacks – the hubster and I went to a baseball game last Friday night.  We sat in the Regions Bank Sky-box.  It was very cold so I was happy we were sitting in the sky-box.  Here’s a photo of me and the mascot, Ribby!  (Yes, that is actually what they call him).

To go along with the pork theme this week, all of my in-laws (Malletts and Andersons) are arriving this weekend to attend Razorfest to watch beloved nephew, Ryan Mallett  play as quarterback during the Spring Red and White Game that evening.  So, in keeping with the PORK THEME  this week – I’ll be making this easy, schmeezy Pork Roast for the family. One of those ‘set it and forget it’ – take no prisoners and all the credit – delicious crock pot/slow cook recipes. Make it this weekend and squeal – GO HOGS!


1 butt pork roast
1 cup Worcestershire sauce
1 cup brown sugar

Grease crock pot. Place pork roast in pot. Pour Worcestershire sauce over the roast. Pat brown sugar over the roast. Cook on high for 1 hour and then on low for 8 to 10 hours.

Y’all Enjoy!😉

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