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Here’s to the next 25!

Twenty-five years ago I looked upon your beautiful face for the first time.

And I watched you become a beautiful baby of my very own.

And you changed into a toddler (I'm your age in this photo).

And then to my little girl.

Then you turned 13 and discovered boys (and grew boobies- eekkk).

You and Daniel have an incredible bond. That was a fun ski trip!

Before I knew it, high school graduation.

And you turned 20 - no longer a teenager or my little girl.

And then I heard -"Mom, I met this guy I really like a lot!"

And, like turned to true love.

And you made your career dreams come true with two degrees from the U of A.

And, you have a beautiful smile and more beautiful soul.

I feel so blessed to be your mother.

Here's to the next 25 years - Happy Birthday Emily!

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