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Favorite Foto Friday is Back!

Favorite Foto Friday – 12/11/09

Joel, Dauna, Me, and Mark


Christmas 1962 – Joel, Dauna, Me, and Mark sitting by the Christmas tree at Nanaw and Tootsie’s house.  Joel and Mark dressed like a couple of Osmond Brothers and Dauna all sweet in her little dress and pretty little shoes.  Me – yes, just look at the look on my face.  My husband said I still make that face.  Maybe because I still don’t have my Christmas Tree set up this year.  Maybe because I haven’t been home except to sleep lately.  Maybe because I still have a lot of Christmas shopping to do this weekend.  But, as for the picture – I think it was the shoes!

Hope y’all are surviving the holiday rush. 🙂

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Early Self-Expression

I have three brothers.  Two older, one younger.  My two older brothers made it the daily goal to make me cry for whatever reason they could find.  I have several nicknames, but I won’t be sharing them with you today.  But, apparently – I felt the need to write about my feelings one afternoon while visiting my grandmother (Nanaw).  I had no idea she had saved these drawings.  My mother found them while moving and cleaning out my grandmother’s home a few years ago.  It is old (probably about 40 years). It has browned from age, but I find a lot of humor in it and have framed it for my home office.  Notice Joel is a devil.  Mark is some cow-like creature. Rusty is a dog and I am the “angel”.  Ha! I’m sure I deserved a lot of the teasing I received and probably dished out more than I could take.  I guess they were just trying to toughen me up, so to speak.  I love my brothers dearly and I know they’d do anything for me.  Still… doesn’t hurt to have a little guilt to lay on them on how they forced me into being such a poetic drama queen by the age of six. 
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