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Up from the grave……

Hello – ello-ello-ello-ello!  I back – ack-ack-ack-ack.  (tap tap – Hello?)

Here’s the deal.  My computer at home died.  Dead. Rolled over and croaked.  Ribbit.  So – I’ve spent the past few weeks shopping for a new one and when I mean shopping, I mean finding the best computer possible for the best value because here’s the other deal – it has been 13 years since I purchased a computer for myself.  Yep! 13.  I know that seems rather ridiculous, but yeah – 13 years.  But, I’m happy with my purchase and happy to be back in the ether of the Internet.  It has been a long time. Hello!  How ya been?  What’cha been doing?  Here’s the poop on a few things since the computer croaked.

Lots of snow

The amount of snow we’ve had this year is really unusual and winter isn’t over yet.  We had 10 inches of snow two weeks ago and we still have little snowman bodies laying in the neighborhood yards.

My Patio the afternoon of the big snow. We had 8 more inches after this.


Dad's birthday

We celebrated my Daddy’s 77th birthday.  We had birthday pie this year.  It was yummy. 

And my sister and I gave him the same card.  Again  We’ve done this a bazillion times over the years.

And, despite the freezing temps – Tim went fishing.  I know you’re shocked (not).

Otherwise, we’ve been stuck inside the house trying to stay warm and finding busy-work in the house that needs to be done before spring.  Spring will be here soon (I hope).  So with the hope of spring on the way…….

A little hint of things to come.


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Where does the time go?

June 16, 1988 – 6:09 PM

Daniel Anderson was born - my baby.

Daniel Anderson was born - my baby.

Today, my baby turns 21.  He’s a man and I’m old.  Well – older!

Floating on the Buffalo River

Floating on the Buffalo River

Fishing on the Kings River

Fishing on the Kings River

Fishing on Beaver Lake

Fishing on Beaver Lake

He is very ‘out-door-zee’ (like his father).  Happy Birthday, Daniel!  You’ll always be my baby no matter what age. 

And, June 16, 2007 – these two tied the knot!

Happy Anniversary (2nd) Emily and Kyle!

Happy Anniversary (2nd) Emily and Kyle!

Emily has finished grad school and they are building their first home this summer.  Kyle just received the head baseball coach position for the high school too.  Congrats you two!

Love – your Mom – aka Starwoodgal

(I’m old.  I need a tissue.  I’m blaming my thyroid.)

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