Ozark’s Dream of Winter’s Snow

AKA – Homer Augustus Anderson
AKA – My Alaskan Malamute

We awoke to snow this morning and temps hovering around 15 degrees outside.  Not exactly what I would call ideal weather unless I were in Colorado skiing with my son, or a penquin, or polar bear, or my dog – Gus.  Gus sat in my office next to the window and would occassionally let out a little sigh as he looked out on the snow (and the next door neightbor kids playing in the snow).  He’s such a big kid himself.

This continued while I drank my coffee and ran through my morning Blog reads.  He just sighed – a lot!

I told him we would go out later to ‘play’.  More sighing and watching.

Now, I bet you think dogs can’t smile.  First – take a look at the picture above.  Notice his drooping lip line, the dropped forehead and brow area.   and you can’t see it but his ears are back.  That’s dog language for not happy emotions.  Now take a look at his face when we finally took him outside.

I swear he is smiling!  He has played in the yard off and on all day, but he just can’t understand why no one else likes the snow as much as he does.

Yep – he’s smiling.

High this week – around 28 – all week – brrrrrrrrrrr – and more snow on the way.  Come on March!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. GypsyBiscuit says:

    Ah Gus! I can’t believe Tim didn’t hook him up to a sled for a little jaunt around the block 🙂 Mush!

  2. Oh he is totally smiling! He’s in his element!

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