How to tame a husband.

Remember a few weeks ago I wrote about how my husband suffers from S.A.D.D.  – (seasonal affected depression disorder).  Well – he was just about to go nuts because it rained AGAIN most of this week.  However, Saturday and Sunday it was beautiful.  He had to work Saturday morning, but we went to the Razorback Homecoming game Saturday night.  Hogs won 60 something to 20 something.   And, yesterday – ‘he just had to do something outside’.  I suggested we rake up the leaves that have covered the entire patio, but that was a no go.  So we headed over to Boxley Valley along the Buffalo River National Park.  We had a much earlier fall color peak this year and most of the trees had already dropped their leaves. (Remember my patio is buried.)   But with all the water we’ve had this week, we knew the many waterfalls in the area would be flowing and decided we’d take in a few short hikes. 

Our first stop was in Ponca, Arkansas.   Ponca is a very small community, but there are a couple of river outfitters there and cabins available for rent throughout the year.  We usually put our canoe in the water here at the Ponca low water bridge.  Thursday of this past week it was the ‘covered with water bridge’ as we had lots of rain on Thursday.  Here’s a view of the Buffalo River – taken from the low water bridge.

After watching kayak and canoe paddlers leave the bridge, we drove down to Steel Creek just in time to watch a few of those paddler pass by.

Bluffs at Steel Creek.

Looking down river – Steel Creek.

We drove down to Mt. Sherman and the Kyle’s Landing road.  Camp Orr (Boy Scouts of America) access turns off of this very bumpy and steep road.  My husband attended boy scout camp many, many, MANY years ago at Camp Orr.  The Twin Falls (actually triple) are very easy to get to and access is just past the entrance to Camp Orr.

Trail to Twin Falls.

See the falls through the trees?

See – really three falls, but they still call it Twin Falls at Camp Orr.

We went on two short hikes Sunday.  Our second hike was a revisit to Lost Valley Trail.  I’ll post those tomorrow.  Needless to say – Tim got his ‘outdoor’ fix yesterday.  The weather was perfect.  He spent yesterday evening snoring on the sofa.  I guess I wore him out hiking.  Ha!

Y’all have a great Monday.  🙂



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Kath says:

    Beautiful hike!! I love waterfalls. Seen a few small “frozen” ones in the Black Hills this weekend.

  2. mtinnkeeper says:

    great shots… guaranteed to cure whatever ails ya 🙂


  3. Wonderful! I cannot wait for the hike pictures. I will get mu vicarious exercise.

  4. GypsyBiscuit says:

    I used to spend a week every summer at Ponca Bible Camp. The designated girls’ swimming hole was on the upper side of the low water bridge and we were out of bounds if we went under the bridge. I miss those days…so many times as an adult I’ve wanted to grab a friend and count off for “buddy check.”

  5. starwoodgal says:

    Buddy Check! 🙂

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