My husband is currently on staycation.  He took the week off and he’s not a happy camper that it has rained every single day.  Honestly, I think he suffers from S.A.D.D. (Seasonal Affected Depression Disorder).  Once the summer and sunshine goes away, he paces in front of the windows like a caged animal.  He is greatly affected by the lack of sunshine. 

So last night on the news, our local weather man did a weather study of how many days it has rained vs. how many days of sunshine we’ve had since late August.  Here’s a S.A.D.D.  truth – we’ve had exactly 7 days of full sunshine since late August.  7.  Seven.  S-E-V-E-N!  And, this has led to more S.A.D.D.-ness at my house.  He’s S.A.D.D.   I’m seriously thinking he needs to go lay down in a tanning bed for a bit.  Or – get one of those S.A.D.D. Light therapy lamps.

When he’s S.A.D.D., I’m M.A.D. because lawsie – it creates too much drama and I don’t have time to be dramatized. Let’s just say – he’s convinced winter is an evil plot to make his life miserable because of the lack of sunshine and (let’s face it) good fishing weather. Lord help me! It is only mid-October.  He did manage to put primer on the front door, but – like my husband – painting outdoors requires sunshine.

I’d tell him to hibernate, but that would involve an inordinate amount of snoring – not a good thing. More wine please! 🙂

(Family photo session this weekend. Let’s pray it doesn’t rain. PS – the trees are lovely here in Arkansas. Photos coming soon.)


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  1. I had a SAD light…I lent it to my SIL last year. They really do work;) And I would like to recommend a nice Malbec for the lady;)

  2. Donna in VA says:

    Aawwhh! I feel his pain! I suffer too every single Fall and Winter. When the sun comes out in the Spring and the weather warms just a tad, I am CLEARLY a much happier person. (my mom diagnosed me with this years ago) I don’t tend toward the dramatic during the winter, but I DO mope alot while staring longingly out the window waiting for the warm sunshine.
    My mom keeps telling me to take a Vitamin D supplement, but I never have, so I can’t say as that works.

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