Cane Hill

This ghostly old mill is down around the little community of Cane Hill, Arkansas.  Cane Hill was once a thriving community, but now a collection of historic grounds and beautiful scenery.  I decided the Sepia coloring suited this picture much better than the color version.  I might just blow this one up and frame it.

Here’s the Gypsy Biscuit standing in front of the old college building.

College Historical Marker
College Historical Marker


We did a little tree hugging.   I bet that baby is really old.  The tree, that is!  🙂

One more picture of the old mill.
One more picture of the old mill.

On our way to the ‘pun-kin’ patch, we stopped off in dis-‘Graceland’.   The Biscuit has an aunt who owns a costume shop.  You could have some serious fun in that shop – let me tell ya!  Lots of fun costumes.   And the name – don’t ‘cha love it!

And, ya GOTTA love this!

Who knows what might have happened had we had time to put on the actual costumes.

I’m scary enough already.  🙂


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Too fun! I love Dis-Graceland! What a great name…

  2. GypsyBiscuit says:

    We need to go play “dress-up” sometime! It’s always a good time in Dis-Graceland.

    And sepia was a terrific choice for the mill photos. Those shots are awesome.

    That was a really great day. 😉

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