Favorite Foto Friday – Oct. 2, 2009 – Boys will be Boys!

Last Friday I featured my ‘baby’ brother, Rusty and his lovely (trophy wife) Julie as my FFF feature. This week, I’m featuring their middle child Johnathan. AKA Flick. His brother gave him that nickname when he was born and it stuck. He’s just Flick to the family. And, Flick is quite a character for being 9 years old. This photo was HIS idea. He thought of it while standing in front of the fountain at the local mall in Reno, NV. My SIL posted in FB today and I couldn’t resist sharing it. All I can say is – Boys will be Boys!

I have ‘no idea’ WHERE he gets his ideas.

Hmmm…………  or maybe I do……………………

Let’s just say the old apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree at my brother’s house.  (That’s Flick’s father, Rusty around 1968.)

Happy Friday y’all!  🙂


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  1. Dauna Bogan says:

    That’s funny! I thought of those same two photos when Julie posted the picture of Flick, and thought that he may be like his Mom, but his FATHER has had some influence, too. Why do boys think bodily functions are so funny????

  2. Julie Jackson says:

    OH My gosh that is funny!!! You made my day! Come see me.

  3. Julie Jackson says:


    Rusty wants to know where the pix by the lake was taken.


  4. starwoodgal says:

    Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

  5. Kate says:

    That’s hilarious!

    I once worked for a gentleman who owned several statues that he had scattered about his property. Very interesting ones. There was one by the pool near his house and it was a well dressed gent who was doing what boys (and men) will do. He had this statue next to a huge bush, with the back facing out. What a sense of humor.

  6. GypsyBiscuit - Sheila says:

    I once found my younger brother (about 4 at the time) about 8ft up the maple tree at the end of the front porch attempting to pee on the house!! Boys are goofy and they have cooties!

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