Favorite Foto Friday – 8/28/09

I LOVE this photo!  For several reasons.  Le’me to es’plain…..

The wonderful lady in the middle is my Nanaw (maternal grandmother).  That’s me on the right.  Holding my Barbie – whose hair I chopped off at some point.  She was very butch.  I look like I’m spaced out, day dreaming – perhaps about meeting my very own Ken some day.  Lofty goals for a 6 year old.  That’s my sister on the left.  She is also holding her Barbie.   She played Barbie’s with me for about one more year and then she moved on to boys and Barbie’s went by the way side. 

In this photo we are about to leave on a ‘girls only trip’ with Nanaw.  Destination – Jackson, Mississippi to visit our Aunt Nez.   We did this every year.   Aunt Nez was a widow and my grandfather’s only sister.  She was a real sweetie.  You’ll need to grab the recipe for Aunt Nez’s Sour Cream Apple Pie when you finish reading this. It is really, REALLY good!

So back to the photo. I love this photo for the memory of those trips to Jackson, time with my Aunt and my grandmother, and remembering times my sister still played Barbies with me before she became too cool for school. But, the real reason I picked this photo for ‘Favorite Foto Friday’ – look in the far left corner. That’s Rusty. My little brother. He just didn’t get the whole ‘girls only thing’. Being the youngest of five, I’m sure it was difficult to be the smallest, the youngest, and three years between his closest sibling who happened to be a girl – me. Take a close up look at that face.

Awwww, Rusty – you know I love ya more than my luggage.
Happy weekend y’all!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. That picture is priceless. I cut off my Barbie’s hair too. But I left PJ’s nice and long. Did I tell you I LOVE this shot???

  2. Julie Jackson says:

    This picture made me cry. It reminds me of my Luke. I am so proud to be a Jackson and a member of your family.

    Love, The girl married to the guy in the red pajama’s.


  3. GypsyBiscuit says:

    That boy could flag down a freight train with those ears 🙂

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