Theater Thursday

Once again, I’ve hibernated a summer afternoon away in a cold, dark, lovely movie theater. It is a welcome escape from the dog days of summer.

This week’s review The Time Traveler’s Wife.   Head on over to the website and check out the trailer.   I knew going in that this would be a movie that would ‘make my tears come down’ and Kleenex hoarding was in order. But, really not until the end of the movie. I have not read the book, but understand there are some differences with regard to the wife’s age and some time line differences in the movie. As far as a romantic tragedy goes, this movie has all the classic qualities. Love, loss, yearning, etc. etc. And, Eric Bana. Handsome. Gorgeous. Yummy. Eric Bana. And, the lovely Rachel McAdams (from ‘The Notebook’). And, Eric Bana. Did I mention Eric Bana?

I recommend seeing this movie. Definately a ‘chick flick’ (as my husband would call it). But, a really good love story. It will make you laugh and cry. All my favorite emotions wrapped into about 90 minutes or so. Escape to the local theater and give a look see.

PS – Take some Kleenex.


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  1. kayceebeebee says:

    I read the book and it was wonderful! It’s not going in the pile for goodwill. I’m going to read it again in a few years. Very good book! I’m excited about it being at the movie theaters.

  2. Well if you say so….

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