Feeling Sharky

As you probably already know – this is ‘Shark Week’ on the Discovery Channel.  Given that TV – in general – is garbage – I’ve been tuning into Shark Week every night.   I’m truly amazed that people get in the water knowing these creatures live there.  I’m not a water person.  At all.  Ever.  Let me put it this way – I really do not enjoy getting in the lake because the little fish in the lake think I’m food.  I can’t image what would happen if I were to get into the ocean.  Chomp!   Yep – I’d be Big Fish Food. Glub Glub.

So – watching these sharks swim, leap, jump, crunch, mangle, shred, and destroy everything in their path made me think that I’m not so unlike the shark.  I tend to tear through anything that crosses my path too.  Projects, work, housework, etc.  Anything I get my hands on, I work on it till it is ‘done’.  I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I’ll let’cha know when I find out. 

However, there’s blood in the water today.  My Internet access at home has been down for two days and the provider is ‘trying to resolve it’.  This just will not do at all.  Valuable surfing (not the oceanic kind) has been lost.  Blog writing has been deterred.  I’m not a happy consumer!  Watch out cable company – (play Jaws theme here) – I’m gonna get you.

Happy Friday y’all!  🙂


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Deenie says:

    You are too funny!! Isn’t it the pitts when you’re internet service goes down……..yuck!! I don’t care if the TV doesn’t work or if the phone lines are down……..but if the internet isn’t working, I mean……what else is there to do? (ha ha!!)

  2. Ugh. Will you come get mine when your done? gah

  3. GypsyBiscuit says:

    Did I mention that we saw 3 sharks while diving in Cozumel last week? And several eels, turtles, lobsters, octopus, a crab whose body was bigger than a dinner plate, and any number & variety of beautiful, colorful fish… Loved it! Love you!

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