No Nightingale

As posted in my previous entry, my 21 year old son fell off his mountain bike on Thursday and broke his left collar bone.   This has proven to me that I am NOT a person who suffers from the Florence Nightingale Syndrome.  I believe I’ve reached that point that most of us reach eventually.  Where your care and all the ‘mothering’ in the world just annoys them and therefore they annoy you in return.   He’s hurting but trying to help him just makes him upset.  You can’t help people who don’t want help or don’t believe they need it.

So today – I’m putting everything he might need out in plain sight, easy to handle with one hand, and easy to prepare.  Then, I’m leaving the house.  Maybe for the entire day.  Maybe I’ll take in a movie.  Maybe I’ll hide at the book store. 

Between the broken bones, emergency room visits, taking care of injured cranky people, and new job with very early hours has been difficult to say the very least.  Stick me with a fork – I’m done. 

Check please!


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  1. jdub53 says:

    Yikes, I’m so HAS to get better right??

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