The Other Shoe

You know the old saying ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop.’  Well – it did yesterday.

My son was out mountain biking (alone) and took a fall. He broke his collar bone and now can’t work for several weeks. This is just another thing that has recently happened that just adds up to bad karma. People sometimes think I’m a little pessimistic, but I say I’m a realist because ‘the other shoe always drops’ for me, for some reason and I just can’t catch a break.

I know he’s the one with the broken shoulder, but he lives with me. He doesn’t have health insurance because he quit school last year and we can’t cover him. Nor does him employer offer insurance and he can’t afford private insurance. So I’ll be taking care of him, paying his bills, and trying out how to pay for it all because he can’t work with one arm strapped down.

Sorry for the vent. I’m just trying to figure out what I did wrong to deserve this bad karma I’ve had lately.


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  1. Ugh. It has to get better. I’m pulling for you all.

  2. Jan says:

    Ouch! Broken collarbones hurt! I’m really sorry to hear he’s laid up and it’s going to wreak some havoc in all your lives while he heals.

    I totally get the “waiting for the other shoe to drop” feeling. My older sister had a stroke when I was 13. I left for school and she was fine, I came home to a phone call that she was in a coma. She lived, thank God, but all of our lives were changed forever, and I think the biggest change was that, since then, I’ve felt like I’m always waiting for something terrible to surprise me–for the other shoe to drop.

    Recently I read a book called, “The Power of Intention,” which talks about how your thoughts are forms of energy that send vibration out there and can affect people and things. Pretty interesting stuff. You might want to read that one and play around with intention experiments. Maybe that will help change your bad karma to good karma. Seriously, it’s worked for me in the past when I’ve experimented with it. Now if I could just get in the habit of thinking positively all the time instead of falling back into the habit of waiting for that other shoe . . . .

    Hope your son recovers quickly. Perhaps good karma was at work that day; I suppose he could have had a head injury, and that makes a broken collarbone seem like a good deal!

  3. Terry says:

    We call it the black cloud that hovers over us from time to time. I bet if you go outside and look “down south” you will see it hovering over our house. Hang in there, maybe bad karma and the black cloud will move on soon.

  4. Deenie says:

    I’m sending you a HUGE hug right now…….a HUGE ONE!!!

  5. Becky says:

    So sorry to hear of your son’s accident and your life being changed due to it. I wish you both well.
    Your story didn’t make me think of bad luck coming all at once, but of the need of our young adults to have adequate health insurance. I have 2 children who would be in a similar situation. I’m going to begin to advocate for recognition of this problem.

  6. jdub53 says:

    Stopping by from MPM and it looks like I’ve found a true sister in the bad Karma-neighborhood! Sending good thoughts for your son and hoping things get a little easier for you…;p

  7. Kath says:

    Ooow! Hope hes back at it sooon!

    You have ALOT on your plate right now. I find when I’m overloaded and stressed out and then something happens that rattles my cage and I just cant hack it like I would if I hadnt been so strung out already!

    In two months time I’ve had two very bad ER scares with my boys all while trying to get this wedding/ Fam in WY/me in SD/work/son having another surgery/multiple 8 hr roundtrips to Mayo Clinic/shitty economy which makes my job tougher than normal. I feel like I’m going crazy…really!

    One of our sons took a break from school(no ins either!) and has had to have his wisdom teeth out and then had a bad reaction to antibiotics which resulted in two ER bills and a three hour ambulance ride bill!! Wowsers.

    We are all still alive and well….somedays that all one can hope for !!! lol

    Have a greaaaaat day!!!! 🙂

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