Tuesday Night Tour Guide

Y’all remember Sheila, don’t’cha! Sheila and I partnered up back in March and ventured over to Pioneer Woman’s Ranch for her very first Ranch/Lodge Cooking Demo with the sweet and lovely Bakerella. Well – last night, Sheila and I ditched our families for a girls night out. (Not really. Her hubby was out of town and mine was attempting to play golf.)

I met Sheila at her house and she suggested we dine at a local eatery called the Green Village Grill. They serve entrees made from local farm produce. It was Da-Lish! Sheila opted for the Greek Vegan Quesadillas and I had a sandwich with grilled veggies, sweet potato fries and ‘magic catsup’. Seriously! That’s what it said on the menu. I don’t know what they meant by ‘magic’, but I’ll go with it. 🙂

Confederate Cemetary
Confederate Cemetery

After dinner, Sheila gave me a tour around Fayetteville and showed me the first home where she and her husband lived when they were married way back when. Fayetteville is a very old town with a lot of historic homes with lovely gardens. We drove all over the historic areas. We visited the Confederate Cemetery that overlooks downtown Fayetteville.

I love old downtown district charm. The houses were beautiful and I forgot to take pictures of them because I was so busy with my garden envy moment.

See - Twin Towers.
See - Twin Towers.

Sheila the drove us over to Wilson Park. Wilson Park is close to the University of Arkansas campus and Downtown Fayetteville. The park has tennis courts, a large pool and beautiful gardens. And…… a castle! It was a very ‘Two Towers’ moment for me. No seriously! This one actually had a Gandolf tile on the face of it.

Cute little tiles pushed into the cement work.
Cute little tiles pushed into the cement work.


Look at this lovely little castle. What kid wouldn’t want to play here?

The Castle at Wilsons Park
The Castle at Wilson's Park

Very hobbit – ish.

Little visual suprises tucked throughout the garden and pathways. For instance – this little frog perched on the edge of this tile.

Or this big tiger lily bench.

And, the unusual flower bed border shaped like a giant earth worm. (That was really cool!)

A garden of found items embedded in the stonework. Really pretty! So – If you’re ever in Fayetteville, Arkansas, do find your way to the downtown areas and Wilson Park.

Oh! There was one place we didn’t expect to find during our adventure.

Yes – that reads ‘Hell’s Doorway’. We’re going to look for the Stairway to Heaven next time we’re out and about town.

Y’all have a great Wednesday! 🙂

Frodo Baggins


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Fun times;) Did the magic catsup have any after-effects…?

  2. starwoodgal says:

    @MPM – I was very sleepy, but that was probably because I was really full and not the magic catsup. 🙂

  3. GypsyBiscuit says:

    One little correction StarwoodGal… The restaurant is named Green House Grill. And the shiitake mushroom fries are terrific!

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