Monday Pay It Forward Contest and some Linky Love


TIMES UP!  I will post the names of the winners by 10:00 AM Tuesday morning.  Thanks for playing.

I’m a Blogger and a Blog reader. Does that make me a Bloggee? Bloggy? Bloggie? I don’t know, but whichever it is – there are several blogs I enjoy reading ‘out-there’. I enjoy cooking Blogs, family Blogs, travel Blogs, and photography Blogs.   I do not enjoy Blogs where the writer feels it is necessary to drop the obligatory F-bomb in order to make their writing more entertaining. People there are other words to use instead of curse words. Use a Thesaurus for cryin’ out loud. Where was I? Oh yes, blogger/bloggee.

I’ve been the lucky winner of a few blog contests (since I stopped lurking and decided to show myself). Ha!  And, all on Blogs I read daily. For instance, I won a Dessert Cookbook from Kathy over at Noble Pig. Kathy shares wonderful recipes and stories about her family and their process of moving to Oregon.

And, then there’s Kate over at Chronicles of a Country Girl.  Kate lives on a beautiful horse farm in the northeast and shares her beautiful photography and stories from her life. I was lucky enough to win one of Kate’s prints last fall. I have it framed in my living room and it looks lovely. (thanks, Kate!) You need to check out her photography BLOG.

And, Donna over at Yellow Jeep Blonde. I think Donna and I are spiritual twins. We’re both empty-nesters, computer nerds who love to cook and dealing with the daily ‘struggles’ of mid-life. She cracks me up. I won I lovely set of kitchen utensils and recipe box from Miss Donna a while back. I use my utensils every day.

And, PW. Okay, if you haven’t heard of The Pioneer Womanin the Blogging world, then I don’t know what to tell you. Drag yourself out of the blog reading rut and hop on over to her site and you’ll be greatly entertained with stories of ranching life, cooking, and photography. I was one of the lucky four persons selected to attend PW’s first on-site, in the new ranch lodge, cooking demonstrations back in March. I invited my friend, Sheila, to go with me and we had a blast learning how to make Cake Pops as demonstrated by Miss Angie, a.k.a. BAKERELLA. What a wonderful day. Thanks PW!

And then there’s Miss ‘L’ at The Mental Pause Chronicals.  A sister-friend soul mate in the dramas of daily hot-flash life.  I love her BLOG! Last week, Miss MPM hosted a ‘Pay It Forward’ Contest on her Blog. You know, if you win you then ‘Pay It Forward’ by hosting a contest on your Blog, etc. etc. etc. It is the gift that keeps on giving. I received my package on Saturday on here it is:

Thanks MPM!
Thanks MPM!

Now I can live vicariously through these books until I’m able to visit Connecticut someday. Maybe I’ll have a chance to actually meet MPM when I make it to Connecticut.  I love travel books and magazines. Love them!

So, now it is my turn to Pay It Forward. Did you ever see that movie? Oh my! It is a full box of tissue movie for me. Sort of like Beaches. Leaves you crying way past the credits. Okay, stop thinking about it and hum a song in my head – ‘I will not tear up!’. Okay. Good. (sniff). Alrighty then. Now. I’m giving away two ‘Pay It Forward’ packages today. The prizes will be a surprise because that’s half the fun. To enter, please leave a comment below along with your e-mail and Blog URL. No entries past Midnight (PST) tonight. I will select the winners on Tuesday morning. The deal is that you have to be willing to host a Pay It Foward Contest on your Blog. Okay. Deal.

Come on you lurkers, play!  🙂

Y’all have a Happy Monday. 🙂


17 Comments Add yours

  1. Yay! I almost bought those for myself, too;) Don’t pick me…..

  2. Deb says:

    What a great idea! I am desperately waiting to win so i can pay it forward, too!!!

  3. km says:

    Nice idea:)

  4. Kari says:

    Great idea. I have a friend who started doing the same thing. She told me I should do it too…I’m thinking no better time than the “present”…LOL.

    Have a great day!

  5. I’m all about spreading the blessings! Count me in and just tell me what to do. And how fun for you to visit with PW! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by today!

  6. becky says:

    found you from PW after you won…daughter and i reallllly want to win one and visit her too….you both write and cook fabulously!!

  7. annbb says:

    I was P-I-Fed at MPM’s as well, so though I’m commenting, I don’t think I should be picked….well, if that old random integer DOES pick me, I’ll P-I-F with another donation to our local food pantry. There! That works!

  8. GypsyBiscuit says:

    When are we going to Connecticut? Let’s see, I’m free this Friday as long as we can be back by supper time. Or really, any time next week looks good… 😉

  9. Donna in VA says:

    What fun!!!! I already know the gift I’d like to Pay Forward with!

    And THANK YOU SO MUCH for such sweet words. Spiritual twins. . . I think so too!!

  10. EBPitcher says:

    Cool! Although I’m goning to ahve to think really hard about what I’d pay it forward with…

  11. Teresa says:

    I don’t have a blog, but does it count if I graduated from Rogers High, even though I don’t live there anymore? My family does though and we can’t wait to come to G’ma and G’pa’s for the summer and some good swimming at the lake.

  12. PhxPhil :) says:

    Thanks, Star! you should entered my contest! I am closing it tonight. I like this creativity. Keep it Burnin’! 🙂

  13. Hey!! I suscribe to your blog…along with a couple you mentioned!! And I know who I’d Pay It Forward to….

  14. Jan C. says:

    It’s about time I should host a PIF on my blog, so I’m game. Haven’t done a giveaway in ages.

  15. Am I too late to enter? What day is this, anyway? I’m so confused which is the new state in which I reside so if it is still Monday, then consider me entered and ready to step up to the challenge and pay it forward. HUGS

  16. KathyB says:

    I don’t have a blog but love yours which I found through PW’s. Would love to win even without one and will promise to Pay it Forward through one of my daughters blogs.

  17. Lisa says:

    Sorry I missed it!!! Glad you had a good response!

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