The Calm Before The Storm!

Storm approaching my house this morning.
Storm approaching my house this morning.

I’m sitting in my home office watching a big, black cloud approach from the west.  The wind just picked up and it is about to storm.  Big Time!  I hope my cake finishes cooking before any power outages (if any).  I’m also marinating the brisket and washing a second load of clothes.   The storm I speak of is the storm of fast and furious cleaning that will take place today.  Don’t get me wrong.  The storm outside is beginning to look pretty intense, but it will pass quickly.  The storm inside my house will last all day. 

You see.  My parents will be here around 5:00 pm.  I’ll also have a house full of guests for lunch tomorrow following Emily’s graduation ceremony.  And, this is how things go for me.  I swear – anytime I make plans, God laughs and says “Oh yeah!”   (I feel like the ‘Whack a Mole’ game at Chuckee Cheese.)   I can’t complain too much because the weather did cooperate yesterday just long enough to get the grass mowed and the yard looks much, MUCH better.  (It is raining now.)  I’m hoping I can accomplish the ‘LIST’ of chores I’ve outlined for myself today.  My sweet daughter is coming over to help me later.  I just wish I could find a way to be more relaxed about having guests.   (Thought bubble: ‘Maybe a margarita will help.’)

What about you.  Are you a relaxed hostess or a ‘Deer in the Headlights’ hostess?  Me?  Deer.  Big Deer.  BIG DEER CHASE ME!  (except in the movie it was a bear. Name that movie.)

I’m off to clean.  Y’all have a good Friday.  I’ll post pictures of the festivities sometime over the weekend.   After my guests are gone and I’ve recovered.

See ya!  😉


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Have a wonderful time;)

  2. Kari says:

    I’m the same way you are! I get stressed about parties at my house too!!

    The movie : The Great Outdoors….

    I LOVE that movie!!!

  3. We entertain a lot,and I usually start out feeling confident. But on the big day I completely second guess everything I have planned. Don’t know when I’ll get a grip!!!
    Have fun!!!!!

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