My Camera is like a box of chocolates……

I never know what I’m gonna get!

Case in point.   My husband and son decided to go fishing this past Saturday.  It was a beautiful day and they just couldn’t stay inside (or work in the yard) when they could go fishing.  This is man logic.  I do not question it.  Just go with the flow.

Anyway, they took my little Nikon LS18 camera on the off chance they caught a bunch of fish and needed to capture it digitally.  No such luck.   But, I always find pictures on my camera that make me question what they were doing or why they took a particular photo.  Example: I found pictures of my son-in-law’s 30 day results photos (he started the P90X workout).   I won’t be sharing those photos today.  He might get upset with me.    But, I always find some photos that make me laugh.  So here we go.

My son,  Daniel.  Self Potrait.
My son, Daniel. Self Portrait.

Daniel is notorious for taking photos of himself.   Nice photo of the lake, the beautiful weather.  I wish he had smiled.  He has a great smile.

My husband casting a line.
My husband casting a line.

He photographed his Dad fishing along the Beaver Lake shoreline.

A view from behind the driver towards the shore.  The trees are just now starting to pop.

Another self portrait. Different angle.

A beautiful shoreline photograph.  Beaver Lake, Northwest Arkansas.

Okay, is it me or does my husband look like Jack Nicholson in this picture? 

Oh Look!  He sort of smiled.  He’s so cute.  (He turns 21 in June).

And then, there’s this type of photo.  The photos where his true personality comes shining through.

I love my son!  He makes me laugh.  🙂

And, I love finding surprises on my camera.

Happy Tuesday!  🙂


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lins says:

    Haha. Those are quite the surprises! Nothing like a little family bonding time on the boat!

    LW @

  2. Boys and their toys. snort. They always have to make that serious face in their self portrait series. That has been my experience;) Handsome fellas!

  3. Miss M.J. Ma'am says:

    Aw, the guys are soooo cute! It’s all about the FISHING!!!

  4. I love finding surprise pictures on my camera and my phone. It’s usually courtesy of my 14 year old or my granddaughter. LOL

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