Road Trips and Quirky Things = Fun

Do you notice unusual things when you travel? Unusual road signs you’ve never seen before or local flavor items on a menu or towns with strange names. I do. I find it delightfully fun to take pictures of those things and put them in my photo albums and write down where it was and what happened. So, this past Tuesday when Sheila and I were on our way to Pioneer Woman’s Ranch for the Cake Pop Day with PW and Bakerella, we noticed the water storage tanks up on the embankment as we exited off the highway. How fun is that? Who knew! I love a town with a sense of humor.

Once we made it through town, I had to make a pit stop. And, isn’t it strange how – even though you’re in rural America – wide spot in the road – more cows than humans kind of location – that there’s a line for the ladies room. I KNOW! So, as we’re waiting in line for the ladies room, Sheila taps me on the arm and showed me these standing in a corner nearby .

I’m thinking it might be funny to buy a six pack of that Bad Girl Power Drink and put it in my refrigerator just to intimidate the hubster. 🙂
I’ve never heard of this drink before. I wonder if it works…….. hmmmm…….

I’ve traveled a lot. Mostly as a kid with my family as my Dad loved to camp and go to new places. We saw a lot of beautiful places and a lot of quirky things during our travels. But, of all the places I’ve traveled, Colorado is my most favorite. And, while looking for beautiful photos of Colorado online, I met my online Bloggy friend Lisa over at Mountains Rule. Lisa gave me this Blog Award – Thanks Lisa!

If you’d like to view some beautiful photography of the Telluride area, hop on over to her site. Her photos make me want to travel more. Which is a good thing because I’d get to see more quirky things and smile more.

Y’all have a great weekend.  I’m off to pick up my organic cow!  🙂


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  1. Wow, woman! You must be really strong if you can pick up a cow. *wink*

    I love pictures of quirky things too, and that’s a great one you captured. Oh, and I’ve never heard or seen that drink before so maybe it’s new…..but I’d love to have a couple for the same reason you mentions.

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