Dazed and Confused

Yes, I was definitely dazed and confused as to why PW would put my mug on yesterday’s  ‘confessions’ page cover shot. Had she been sniffing glue? Still suffering from a cake pop sugar high?   Sleep deprived from the time change?  “I’m not worthy!  I’m not worthy!”  (update: I am honored that she selected my photo – truly.)

Here’s the photo:

Here are my thoughts:

  • Never wear that vest again with a white shirt. I’m pale enough already. (had I not spilled coffee on my shirt I wouldn’t have to wear the vest.  Point taken – no white shirts for me – ever, Ever, EVER! or just don’t drink or eat while wearing said white shirt. EVER!)  Why didn’t I wear blue that day!? 
  • Stop talking when people are taking pictures. Good Lord!
  • Buy a really intense hair conditioner to get rid of my winter-fried hair.
  • Get back to daily walks.

I thought it was really funny that on that particular screen shot I’m looking in the direction of  the ad of a cowboy’s  Wrangler Butt.   (sorry)  Gotta find some humor in life or you’ll go crazy!

🙂 – Starwoodgal


21 Comments Add yours

  1. I thought you looked beautiful. As always. And PW even commented on your beautiful skin. 😉

  2. Junebug says:

    Say, I think you look great. And that white shirt with green is fine. And talking makes your lips look pretty and pouty. So there! 😀

  3. Joanna says:

    It’s a beautiful shot. No changes necessary.

  4. starwoodgal says:

    Now Y’all – you’re very sweet. Honestly, I’m not fishing for compliments. I honestly do not like that green vest on me. I have it because it is warm and it was on sale. And, when I realized I dribbled my coffee down the front of my blouse that day I had no choice but to retrieve it from the back seat of my car and put it on so PW and the rest of the ladies couldn’t see my coffee disaster. I was mortified. Don’t you just hate those moments when you tried to look nice and fate steps right on in with a whammie! 🙂 Lucky I had the ugly green vest in the back seat, huh.

  5. Sue V. says:

    Hi. I wound up at your site through PW’s linked to Stefanie’s and then here. Normally I wouldn’t comment on a site I know little about, but this post about your picture stunned me. My first reaction to this photo on PW’s site was… Wow, what a great picture, and isn’t it like PW that even her random guests would be beautiful. I loved the green vest, it made your eyes and skin shine. The fact that you are talking in this picture makes the situation so real to the readers. Your hair looks great, it looks natural. And as for those walks, it’s funny how we as women always find something negative in pictures of ourselves. You are a beautiful woman and the picture above is a testament to that. Just thought you should know.

  6. starwoodgal says:

    Hi Sue – thank you for dropping by my BLOG. I appreciate your comment and yes, I should learn to love myself as I am, but this old girl was having a horrified moment of “I’ve spilled coffee on myself”. All I could think about was “Can they see the coffee or smell it?” All Dang Day! Ya know, when you go meet fellow bloggers and not just any blogger (Miss PW!), ya kinda don’t want to spill coffee down your fresh new white shirt. This sort of thing happens to me. At least I didn’t have a hot flash while wearing the vest. That would have created another entire set of issues. (giggle). Call me crazy, but I just felt kind of schlumpy by all those lovely ladies once I had to put on the vest that totally didn’t go with the look that day. As for the talking while taking pictures, I seem to always have some goofy look on my face or my eyes closed, or coffee on my blouse. But, I guess I’m just me that way! Ha! 🙂 Maybe that’s why I’m behind the camera most of the time.

    I was just making fun of myself – it is what I do. At least it wasn’t the naked (neck-ed) dream come to life!

  7. gypsybiscuit says:

    Oh you silly goofball! You looked wonderful, graceful, and most important–genuine. You weren’t primped and fluffed and coiffed for a photo shoot. You were dressed for a day at the ranch getting down and dirty with the queen of cake pops. And, you still were chosen to be the centerfold/covergirl! That, my dear, is recognizably real beauty.

    And as to whether you smelled or not, I was in the car with you 4 hours there and 4 hours back. You were fine. Trust me. It was great! Thanks for the adventure!

  8. starwoodgal says:

    LOL – gypsybiscuit is my Cake Pop Event Partner – Miss Sheila. She’s a riot!

  9. Kate says:

    Came via Mental P Mama and I must say, I remember you from visits to my blog! Hello again. And this is you? In real life? When I saw that photo, I didn’t see the things you did (you spoke of frizzy hair, etc.) but rather this pretty woman in a very complimentary color!
    Honest. I did.
    And I would have made the same face if I was looking at cowboy but, only mine wouldn’t have been so . . . well, elegant!

  10. starwoodgal says:

    Well – Hey there, Miss Kate! Happy you dropped by. Yep! That’s the real me. 🙂 I don’t hate the photo. I’m just poking fun at myself for being a coffee spillin’/swillin’ dork. Honestly, I’m truly honored that number one: I was photographed by PW. And, number two: she selected that photo for the confessions title that day. How freaky is that in my world.

    PS: I have the photo I won from your BLOG in my black entertainment center. I looks so pretty and stands out. Everyone comments on it when they come to my house.

  11. Karen says:

    How funny. Let me give you my perspective. Your vest? I thought it was a smart choice. I was freezing since the weather report said it was going to be 84 that day and yet, I don’t think it got past the 50s. I even told my husband that one woman had the foresight to bring clothes for all seasons and wondered aloud “why can’t I be that organized?”

    And I think you look great in that photo – relaxed and happy and having a great time. Not stressing about a coffee stain that – by the way – no one could see or smell.

    Just the perspective of someone who was there. Someone who was seemingly photographed only looking down or with her eyes closed or with her mouth full of food.

    We women have got to let go of the neuroses, don’t we?!

  12. starwoodgal says:

    I’m so glad I didn’t smell like a coffee bar! Thanks!

    It did turn off colder than I expected that day, but my ‘flashes’ usually keep me pretty warm when I’m inside. I’ve reached that ‘lovely time of life’ and ya just never know when it will happen either.

    Glad I didn’t reflect (outwardly) how freaked out I was feeling. I just need to learn that I can’t wear white when food is involved. 🙂

  13. Donna in VA says:

    I gave up wearing a white shirt like that years ago for the very same reason. I’d wear it once. . . coffee stain. Buy another one. Wear it once. . . ice tea spillage. My ex used to tell me all the time “You can dress ’em up. You just can’t take ’em out.”

    Anyway, I think you look great. And I don’t see any winter-fried hair. But I do like how that sounds… winter-fried hair. I was just battling that this morning only I didn’t know what to call it. Winter-fried hair. I keep saying it. I’m a freak. Sorry. I’ll go now. I must abuse everybody else in the office with my new terminology. Winter-fried hair. heehee

  14. Miz Booshay says:

    You are too hard on yourself! You are beautiful!

    It just looks like you had a blast!

    Thanks for stopping by and saying ‘hi’ at my blog :o)

  15. Spruce Hill says:

    Too cool! I can’t even imagine how fun that was. Lucky duck!

    Thanks for coming over to visit Spruce Hill!


  16. Everyone is right. You ARE beautiful and I thought that when all i had ever seen was the tiny little picture on your blog. You’ve got the best dimples. I have dimples too but they aren’t nearly as cute when their on ones butt. ugh…..

    Our coloring looks great in green or blue and I wear white shirts all the time…..and they always end up with a stain. ugh…again.

  17. mommyknows says:

    I think you’re gorgeous! That’s probably why she picked you!

  18. wunderwoman says:

    Yeah, you’re looking at a cowboys butt, but what a butt!! LOL

    And you look beautiful…..

  19. Heather says:

    I think you look great in that picture!

  20. Jan says:

    lol, I thought the green vest was a nice color to compliment your hair and creamy complexion. Isn’t it funny how we tend to see all the imagined flaws in ourselves, only to find out that others see these same things as major pluses?!

    I would have spent the day telling people about the coffee disaster and laughing at myself. At least you remained cool and didn’t rat yourself out. (Although, if you had, I’m guessing PW would have given you a shirt to wear and offered to wash yours for you while you baked.)

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