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Do you ever have dreams of your house catching on fire?  This has been my biggest fear.  Even as a child this was my biggest fear.  Imagine you’re asleep, your home catches on fire and well…. you get where I’m going here.  And a few years back, we lost a dear friend to a fire in her home.  The lint in the dryer caught fire while they were asleep.  She and her son were lost in the fire.  So, we’re very careful about not running the dryer or washer when we are not home and always check the vent and dryer for lint build up.

What I don’t get is how a builder gets away with putting in a dryer vent that runs under the slab of the house for 25 feet before reaching an outside wall?  There’s no way this qualifies as adequate ventilation and is clearly a fire hazard waiting to happen.  The dryer can’t push the air that far and not build up condensation in the vent.  And, this has been my problem for over two years in my current home.  (Previous owners were obliviously to term ‘maintenance and repair’.)

When we first moved in and I tried to dry my first load of clothes, no air was coming out of the vent and the dryer was over heating.  I called a heat and air company and the man used a vent cleaning machine and pushed a lint ball the size of a small dog out the vent.  It was soaking wet too.  Since then I’ve been faithful in cleaning the pipe with a wet dry vacuum.  Well, this past Saturday was the last straw.  The wet dry vac pulled nearly a full tank of water out of the pipe and the foil vent hose was clogged again because of the lint build-up.  All because of the stupid condensation problem because the pipe is too long to be a vent.    So, hubster and I headed to Home Depot for a new dryer venting kit and a sheet rock knife.  Cut a new hole in the wall to run the vent to the front side of the house instead of the side.   Total distance, 4 1/2 feet.  I’ve been begging him to fix this for nearly three years.  Lesson learned, don’t ask – just tell.  If the request is in the form of a question, they (men) believe they have an option to ‘not do’ the request.

Now my dryer is lint free, moisture free, and fire hazard free.

Go clean your dryer and dryer vents.  I worry about you!  🙂

Have a good Monday.


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  1. One of our dryers has a long vent. It worries me, too, but my husband vacuums it regularly.

  2. I never knew you should vacuum those things. Thanks for the tip.

  3. starwoodgal says:

    Oh yes! My niece is married to a fire fighter and he said one of the number one causes of household fires – dryer lint. Another fire hazard: plug-ins . Vacuum the dryer vent hose, the inside of the dryer where that hose connects, take out the lint trap and vacuum down in there too. I’ve also taken the top off my dryer from time to time (every 6 months or so) and vacuum the lint from the outside of the drum. Yes, it collects there too.

  4. Debra Rector says:

    Our dryer vent has about 1-2 feet before reaching outdoor. I clean my lint trap faithfully between loads but don’t vacuum the pipe. I assume all is okay if I see/hear hot air outside. Thanks much for the tip!

  5. Kris says:

    My dad drilled into me that you never ever leave the house with the dryer running (or anything else) I can’t tell you how many times I have had to drive back to my house to make sure that I have unpluged the curling iorn or turned off the stove. ( they are ) but better safe then sorry!

  6. Donna in VA says:

    I can relate to this post on almost every single level.
    I, too, have had the same deep-seated fear of fire since I was a little girl. My second grade classroom got struck by lightening and burned to the ground. Being as this was 1,000 years ago, I didn’t know about it until I was walking to school that day. I got there and it wasn’t there. . . just a lot of smoke and fire engines. I’ve had nightmares of my house burning down and I can wake anybody up ever since.

    Two – I have the same dryer vent issues only mine goes straight up the wall and out the roof which is about 24 feet up. I’ve battled the “wet poodle” that likes to set up homestead in my vent for years, and it IS a pain. I, too, worry about the same thing.

  7. Colleen says:

    Another reason to never leave your dryer running while you are gone–I did that last month and returned home late in the day to find it still running! My dryer timer broke and while it runs, it will not shut off automatically. Thankfully no fire, but I feel like we dodged a bullet.

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