Things that make you go “Oh Lawsie!”

I love Country Music! I listen to Big D and Bubbaevery morning on my way to work and at home. I really get a kick out of some of the surveys and questions they ask listeners to answer. This morning’s survey was “Tell us a story about why you’re glad you didn’t get a tattoo”. Several stories were from women who were glad they didn’t get belly tat’s because their skin did not recover after pregnancy. One women said she almost had dolphins swimming in a circle tattooed around her navel. Quote: “They would have become whales while I was pregnant and then shriveled little sardines afterwards.” I thought that story was particularly funny. But, the one story that made me say “Oh Lawsie”: Woman calls in an confesses that the tattoo artist actually talked her out of getting the tattoo she wanted. Get this. She collects pigs (I don’t know if the pigs are live or what). She wanted to add a tattoo of a pig to her collection. Here’s the good part. She wanted a tat of a pig on her ass and she also wanted the words ‘make me squeal’ tattooed under the pig. (Awww, go ahead. Say it – LAWSIE!). Yeah. I laughed pretty hard. Had visions of the Ned Beatty scene and music from Deliverance playing in my head.

Gees! Some people. At least I had a good laugh on the way to work.  🙂

ps.  I have nothing against a tattoo here and there as long as they are well done and not of nasty things.


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  1. Deb says:

    OK, I’m spitting my coffe out right now! 🙂 And I might add that I am tatoo free…

  2. Debra Rector says:

    I am tat free. Don’t have one – don’t want one. I’ve seen some that are in fairly good taste. Both out daughters have one tatoo each. I’m not against tatoos, but wonder what they will look like at age 60, 70 or more. I don’t think they’ll be quite as attractive as when they were 20 or 30. A pig with the words make me squeal? WOWSER!

  3. Donna in VA says:

    Wow! That girl sounds like a trip!

    I am tattoo free as well and for the same reason. . . Who KNOWS what it’ll look like after things start “shifting”? Maybe something tasteful on a part of your body that won’t morf later like maybe an ankle or something. But then there’s always that other determining factor. . . it HURTS! And me no like pain.

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