Ghost Story

Have you ever seen a ghost or something you could not explain? Most people don’t mention their stories of the unexplained for fear of being thought of as “crazy” or “weird”. And, I admit, I didn’t tell anyone my story either……….for a about ten years or so. I’ll begin with what I saw that I could not explain.

The first home we built from the ground up was located on a hilltop overlooking the Arkansas River. We were one of the first homes on that street. It was a beautiful neighborhood built on an old farmland. Emily was 2 when we moved into that house and Daniel was born a year later. I quit my job about 9 months after Daniel was born because he stayed sick and had asthma. I was wasting my entire check on doctor bills and daycare. Once I had become a stay at home Mom, things got better as far as Daniel’s health was concerned. It was a good choice. Well – one afternoon, the kids were both napping and I was washing dishes when I had a feeling one of the kids was standing behind me. Mom’s just sense those things. I turned around and there stood this little girl whom I did not know. She was dressed in old style prairie clothing and she had long dark hair. And as soon as I turned to look at her, she was gone. Oh, I saw her, but she was gone. I never, EVER, EVER told this to anyone because, let’s face it, they’d think I’d dropped my basket. I saw the little girl a couple of more times before we moved out of the house two years later when the kids were 6 and 3.

Moving forward to when the kids were 17 and 14. We’re sitting in a restaurant in Minturn, Colorado during a ski trip. We’re eating Mexican food and just talking about “old west” stuff hanging on the walls. There were pictures of folks dressed in old prairie clothing. Daniel looks up and said “this is going to sound weird, but I remember seeing a little girl sitting in the corner of my room playing with my toys. She was dressed like that and had long dark hair.” Well – I literally choked on my food to the point of gasping for air. Everyone at the table is looking at me and when I finally caught my breath, I asked him which house (because we had moved twice since then) and he said “the house up on the hill overlooking the river”. I then told them about what I saw. He told me the little girl would sit in the corner of his room and play with his toys at night. He had seen her several times too but never mentioned it.

It was weird. It was creepy. Neither of us saw her again once we moved out of that house.

Wooooo!!! Do you have a ghost story?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Maria says:

    Mental P Mama just left a comment on my blog about the good ghost stories she’s been reading today so I’m following her tracks thanks to her Blogroll. 🙂 Your story is good one!!!! Oooooh. Creepy. Happy Halloween!

  2. Kate says:

    That is a good one! Thanks for stopping by my place earlier. And Happy Halloween to you and your family!

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