Recipe: Nanaw’s Ice Box Cookies

With the holidays quickly approaching, I’m going to post family cookie and candy recipes over the next few weeks. Sort of like a good old fashion cookie swap, but just virtually on my BLOG. And, with that Cookie/Candy Swapping Party tradition in mind, please post a cookie or candy recipe from your family in the comments below.

For today’s recipe, I’m sharing my Nanaw’s Ice Box Cookies. These are wonderful for any occasion and very easy to make. Great recipe for children because the only hard part for them would be cracking the egg. Here we go!

Nanaw’s Ice Box Cookies

1 cup brown sugar
1 cup white sugar
1 cup chopped pecans
1 cup butter
1 egg
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
3 cups flour

Mix well and shape into 2 long rolls about 2 inches in diameter. Wrap in waxed paper. Place in refrigerator overnight. Slice and bake until brown (12 to 15 minutes) in a 375 degree oven.

Y’all Enjoy! 🙂


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  1. caroldee says:

    HI. Way cool idea. here’s mine from one I use all the time for all seasons..

    1 1/2 cups powdered sugar (must use this!)
    1 cup butter ..(I use blue bonnet sticks)
    1 egg
    1 tsp vanilla
    1 tsp almond extract
    2 1/2 cups flour
    1 tsp baking soda
    1 tsp cream or tartar

    Cream Wet, Mix Dry, Blend together with mixer or by hand.

    Chill the dough ..(very important if it is too sticky it will not roll out.)
    Roll to 1/8 to 1/4-inch thick & use cookie cutters, place cookies on
    a floured cookie sheet, and bake…

    375 degree oven, 7-8 min (or till done They don’t turn too brown, the browner
    they are the crispier they will be. Icing them will make them softer the next day.
    I use a simple powdered sugar, milk,vanilla,and teaspoon of butter icing on them.
    This recipe I use all year around.

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