Nicholas Sparks – The Lucky One – 6 more days!

Yesterday afternoon, I went to Borders Book Store and purchased my copy of The Lucky One, Nicholas Sparks’ latest novel released September 30th.   Mr. Sparks will be in my hometown next Saturday, October 11th, for speaking engagements and book signings.  I can’t wait because I’M HAVING A CONTEST for a SIGNED COPY next weekend.  I’ll post photos of the Breakfast event (if they let us take photos) and I’m hoping to actually get a picture of him signing my copy and the copy I’ll be giving away on my BLOG.

I started reading last night and plan on hunkering down on the back patio today to read several chapters. Who am I kidding! I’ll probably read the entire thing today. 🙂

Stay tuned Nicholas Sparks fans! 🙂

Have a great Sunday!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Woot! I want to win that!

  2. starwoodgal says:

    I just finished “The Lucky One”. Good story! I wonder if they will make a movie based on it.

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