Morning Rituals

So, I’m sitting here at 6:00 AM reading e-mail, catching up on overnight news (not on the TV – suckers), listening to the dog lick his paws and waiting for my coffee to finish brewing.  I got to thinking about how much my morning routine / rituals have evolved over the years.  I’m sure when it was a little kid my morning consisted of eating my Cocoa Puffs and getting to school on time.  But, that started to change when I hit Junior High School.  Why?  Because it mattered what my hair looked like in the morning and I HAD to wash my hair in the morning so it didn’t look like I slept on it.  However, this was a problem as I had three siblings older than I was with the exact same problem.  So, I woke up at 5:00 AM just so I could wash my hair.  Now that’s just silly when I think about it now.  I should probably also mention we lived way out in the country and had a well so we had to take army showers.  Turn on the water, get wet, turn it off, soap up, turn on water to rinse, and repeat that cycle while you washed your hair.  This was not fun during the winter months.

Later in life, when I married I could leisurely enjoy my coffee and watch MTV in the morning (I was 20, give me a break).  But, once the babies came along my mornings where forever changed into rushing around, trying to get a shower and maybe a sip of coffee for myself after I changed the baby, fed the baby, dressed the baby, changed the baby again, and sometimes dressed them again and out the door to daycare and getting to my job by 8:00 AM.  That was pure madness and I’m glad I didn’t wait to have kids because if I hadn’t been so young, I don’t think I could have done it. 

As the kids got older and could feed themselves, the challenges of early morning basketball practices before school, and getting two kids off to different schools on time and then to my job was very stressful.  No wonder your mind tunes these things out and you just robotically do them.  Otherwise, you’d just go insane.  These days, I’m back to quietly enjoying my morning coffee and at least an hour to myself before the hubby rolls out of bed.  I stumble to the kitchen, brew the coffee, let the dog in for his breakfast, pour coffee, sit on the couch and watch gardening shows on HGTV and then a rerun of Mad About You.  At 7:00 AM I shower, do the hair and makeup thing, feed the other two dogs and I’m off to work about 7:45 AM.  Yes, I like this a lot. 

Now, if I could just get my husband to stop his snoring ritual that begins at 4:00 AM everyday so the last two hours of my sleep where just as peaceful.  I now understand why my grandparents had separate bedrooms.  🙂 

(I’m buying ear plugs on the way home from work today).

Coffee is ready!  Y’all have a good day.


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  1. Kath says:

    Funny how our mornings have evolved. Im in the kids can feed themselves stage unless they beg and beg for a cooked breakfast. And to get them out the door on a timely manner with everything they need as I do not run it to them as we are 25 miles from the school. Then when the house is finally quiet and calm, I have some breakfast and start my work day.

    The whole snoring bit???? Well we confronted that one a few years back. He uses the cpap or I sleep elsewhere.

    Good luck with the ear plugs!!!

  2. I love my mornings, too, and they have had different qualities as well. And the snoring thing? The snorer has to get up and go elsewhere in this house. It’s only fair, right?

  3. Debra says:

    I’m with Kath. About 10 years ago Doughboy’s snoring was so bad I couldn’t find a safe haven anywhere in the house. It literally shook the walls. He didn’t believe me until I recorded him one night. Within a couple days he made an appointment with a sleep clinic and we have been happy ever since thanks to his CPAP. It is the saviour of our marriage, not to mention Doughboy now gets a good nights sleep. Good luck!

  4. Heidi says:

    Oh dear, I hope the earplugs help! And that’s a great observation on how much life routines change at different times in our life. It’s amazing to me how we can adapt to those changes and still function so well.

    (p.s. Sorry I never responded, but that’s awesome about your daughter! I’m sure she’ll be an excellent asset to our field!)

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