A Product that ACTUALLY WORKS!

Meet the new love of my life.  (Harps playing, angels sing!)

Hoover Steam Vac with Clean Surge - I call it my new husband because it acutally works!
Hoover Steam Vac with Clean Surge - I call it my new husband because it acutally works!

My new Hoover Steam Vac with Clean Surge! It is awesome. I used my 20% coupon from Bed Bath and Beyond and after taxes, only paid $155 for it. Girls! You need this thing. You seriously need this thing more than anything else, including the husband who sits in the recliner watching you clean the carpet until midnight. I’m just sayin’!

I cleaned my living room, the hallway the bedrooms and I’m thinking I’ll probably go over the living room and the hallway one more time tonight. (The in-laws are showing up tomorrow.) I’ll warn you though. This thing really deep cleans and you’ll be sickened by what comes out of your carpet, but then again you’ll sleep better knowing you got that crap out of your carpet.

My carpet is 8 years old and it looks pretty great (after I cleaned it). Seriously, I could have filmed a commercial testimonial for Hoover and sold a million of these babies for them. Go get’cha one! Worth the money and then some.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. noble pig says:

    I have this and I love it too! It’s awesome isn’t it! The dirt that comes out is sickening…you can’t believe your kids are rolling around in it.

  2. Kath says:

    Now if I could only remember this when I need one!!!

    Our main floor only has one room of carpet and I love it that way. I can see the dirt and get rid of it…and there is an amazing amount of that!!!

  3. Hey ! At least your husband stayed up and kept you company !

  4. girl says:

    I coulda used that in my old place. That poor carpet!

  5. Heidi says:

    Wow, that sounds awesome! (I love those Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons!)

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