One woman’s garage sale, another woman’s shopping mall

Do you go to garage sales?  I didn’t use to, but when we moved to NW Arkansas I discovered that the fancy – schmancy neighorhoods have “weekend neighborhood” garage sales.  This didn’t happen in my previous small town.  My first experience with “upgraded” garage sale snooping was two springs ago.  We had just moved into our current home and we are surrounded by 5 neighborhoods.  One weekend each spring and fall, all 5 neighborhood POAs have the neighborhood garage sales on the same weekend.  It does make for a traffic nightmare on the weekend, but the cool thing-residents of the neighborhoods get a sneak peek on Thursday night.  I love having first choice of some really good stuff that is normally gone the second they open the garage door. 

The first year I went I scored a bomber leather club chair for $100.  It probably retailed for at least $800 in the store.  The guy was redecorating – score!  Last year I found two solid iron patio chairs (and I mean solid iron) for $5 each, a huge coffee table for my living room for $10, some patio flower pots (10) for $2, a 7 ft Christmas Tree (never opened and the box tag read $100 from Target) for my daughter $10 and a really expensive set of kitchen knives in a butcher block for $3.  Heather picked up a stroller, some baby clothes, a baby monitor, baby toys, some home decor for less the $100.  All of it for less than $100 dollars!  This year I completely scored.  I found a brand new (she moved into a new house and didn’t have room for it) micro-suede chaise lounge.  I’ve been wanting one for two years because I have a bay window in my bedroom where it will fit perfectly.  The problem, they are over $400 retail.  I don’t pay retail for anything – EVER.  There’s always a way to get it for less and I did.  I paid $100.  I also found some baby clothes (for my new nephew) with the tags still on them for 25 cents to $1 each and a huge flower pot that I saw in Lowes for $25, I got it for $1.   I’ll tell ya – garage sales can be total junk sometimes and then sometimes not.  Anyway, it is a fun way to bond with girlfriends and have something to do. 

Better yet – clean out your junk – someone else will want it.  I made $500 last fall on JUNK!

Go Garage “Sailing” – 🙂


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  1. Pete Wilson says:

    You have inspired me. I think I will hit a few tomorrow!

  2. Nice Finds ! Our neighborhood has a garage sale every March. We usually make a couple hundred each year selling stuff. I need to surf the garage sales and look for cigar and cocktail items.

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