Photoshop Love – so cool stuff

I downloaded the latest trial version of Adobe Cs3 and I’m pretty sure I’m going to sell my jewelry or a small child so I can afford to buy a license once my trial expires.  (just kidding – I don’t own any jewelry).  😉

Here are some photo edits I’ll share with you.

This is the original photo of my great niece CC taken at my daughter’s wedding last summer.

I’ve rotated the image, zoomed in, cropped it, color enhanced it, blurred the people in the background to create depth of field that did not exist.  Cool, ain’t it!

Then, desaturate the color to B&W and sharpen and enhance contrast (added a little “noise” for fun).

I LOVE this software!  Okay – here’s another one.

Original photo of my daughter waiting in the bride’s room just before the wedding.  She was reading a card my mother gave to her.

Here’s the enhanced version.  Created depth of field on the background, desaturated color levels and filter “glow” was added.  I think it creates a dreamy look.

If you haven’t tried photoshop, go give a try at  Trial version is free for 30 days. 

Now I have to decide how to afford this without breaking any laws.  (just kidding……really…….I am……STOP!)



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  1. Gloria says:

    Starwoodgal….. I have been in love with photoshop since I first saw it 12 years ago!! I went to school for graphic Design and fell even deeper in love. Needless to say, after getting the hands-on experience with the CS2 I had to have it. I purchased my copy from eBay. That’s right, eBay!! And I got full suppot from Adobe right from the start. What’s better, the price was less than $200. Watch your eBay auctions ;o)

  2. I like the GIMP. It’s free and I think just as powerful as PhotoShop. It’s Open Source software and works very well:

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