Men ARE from Mars!

I was sorting through old photo albums the other day and ran across a picture of my husband. He was standing beneath the “Happy Birthday” banner in the doorway of our first apartment. Seeing that picture brought back some first year marriage memories that made me laugh and I thought I’d share that particular story with you today.

During our first year of marriage (1982), the economy was horrible and jobs were scarce. I worked in an office in Fort Smith, Arkansas while my husband continued to do oil and gas lease work in Texas. He would spend the entire week in Texas and drive home every weekend. The work was temporary, so that is the main reason we didn’t both move to Texas. We wanted to settle down in Arkansas to be near family. Being apart during the week was difficult, but we knew it was for the best at that particular time.

I was 20, Tim was 24 when we married and when his first birthday (post marriage) rolled around, I wanted to make it special. His birthday happened to be on a Friday that year and I spent Thursday night baking a chocolate cake and decorating the apartment with banners and balloons. On Friday, I planned on racing home from work at 5:00 pm so I could get dinner ready and have the “suprise” when he walked through the door (as he normally did) around 6:30 pm. I arrived home around 5:15 pm. , changed into shorts and t-shirt (it is late May) and proceeded to pick up the apartment and prepare for his arrival. I made the bed, vacuumed and cleaned up while supper was cooking and when I went in the bathroom, there was the evidence. He had already been there! Dang it! So, I finished up my housework and cleaned up the kitchen and was just getting supper out of the oven when he walked in the door at exactly 6:30 pm. “Wow!” he said “I’m impressed!”. He walked around the apartment ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over the decorations and his birthday cake, presents and dinner. I let him go on for a few minutes. “Oh – I’m so glad you like it, but why are you acting so surprised?”, I asked. “Well, I thought you might fix me a cake, but I wasn’t expecting the decorations or dinner. I feel so special.” He was trying so hard to pretend he hadn’t been to the apartment. “Oh really? What if I told you I knew you had already been here before I got home?” The look on his face was shock and disbelief. “What would makes you think that?” he said mockingly. “A girl just knows”, I said. “How?” – he was really not happy that I spoiled his fun. I asked “What’s the one thing that would give it away? What is the one thing you do that I don’t do and I know no other man has been here all week?” He paused, thought about it and then said “Oh Crap! I left the toilet seat up, didn’t I? Oh, well – what can I say – I’m a guy!”

Ain’t it the truth!


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  1. LOL, now that was funny !

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